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summon demon

by Miracle

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Book Three of The Fold

Three brothers explore an infested city, seeking the forbidden weapons of a school of malevolent psychics...a trustee investigator on an interdimensional prison ship answers a mysterious summons from the sweating depths of a labor insect with a gift for telepathy and oratory organizes a revolution of vermin...and in a pocket dimension made of absolute ice, Charlotte St. Andrews learns how to Burn.

"Combines the prose of David Mitchell or Tom Robbins with the ideas and raw insights into humanity of Kurt Vonnegut . . . If I were to recommend one lesser known indie author, it's Miracle Jones."—Jeremy Blaustein, translator of Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

print edition
ISBN 978-1-68219-912-1
554 pages

ebook edition
.epub, .mobi, and .pdf
ISBN 978-1-68219-913-8
cover by Zach Taylor