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summon demon

by Miracle

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Book Two of The Fold

Ljubo Snap has problems. His father, a famous necronaut, is addicted to a terrible drug called ink, delivered in smashed lightbulbs. His brother Aleks, formerly a master of the psychic art known as Folding, has been surgically stripped of his powers by the all-powerful School and has collapsed into alcoholism (and other vices). And the whole Snap family faces imminent financial disaster unless Ljubo—himself an accomplished Folder and “thoughtsnatch,” someone who traffics in secrets plucked from unsuspecting minds— can uncover information valuable enough to earn them all enough jack to survive in the cruel Fevers of Pip’s Cross, the psychic city that Travels the universe on the back of a gigantic psychic octopus known as The General.

Radically expanding the canvas first sketched out in 2014’s Sharing, Miracle Jones’s Shifting tells the story of a city—part Victorian, part hypermodern, riven with sex, dreams, and intrigue—and of the people within it who fight to find dignity in surviving.

"Combines the prose of David Mitchell or Tom Robbins with the ideas and raw insights into humanity of Kurt Vonnegut . . . If I were to recommend one lesser known indie author, it's Miracle Jones."—Jeremy Blaustein, translator of Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

print edition
ISBN 978-1-68219-924-4
352 pages

ebook edition
.epub, .mobi, and .pdf
ISBN 978-0-9904528-6-7
cover by Zach Taylor